Bukit Saga, Ampang

Today marks the 2nd day of our hiking in nearby KL-Selangor areas. Destination: Bukit Saga.
The sky is about to brighten up, the traffic in KL is getting busy. As my car weaves around various bustling roads from KL to Ampang with my GPS assistance, I end up  lost in nowhere in Ampang and it costs me 2 hours. Mean and Sufang are very patient and don't give up on me. They finally come and pick me up at a petrol station in Ampang.

Thus, we start our Bukit Saga hiking at 9am. There are different starting points from various sides. One of them is where we start, Taman Saga. The trail is well maintained with a reachable summit of about 430m. However, it is possible to get lost because of the huge network of trails which join the different peaks and climbing routes. The route is considered a little bit steep and is good for stamina training for beginners. Intermittently, we rest and savour the greenery of the surrounding. Breathing the refreshing air. 
"My legs start to ache!" 
"My running nose is getting serious!"
"We almost reach the hill top!"
After climbing for around 1 hour, we see a triangular standing frame with a lot of signatures.Yes, this marks the Saga hill top. So, don't expect any surrounding good views at the Saga peak. Then we decide to follow a signboard with "Waterfall". Along the trail to waterfall, the route becomes steeper and seems endless. There are some warnings about wasps. We see no one along the route and the sky starts drizzling. For the safety purpose for only 3 girls, we track back to Saga hill trail.

At the first check point
At the hill top
Continue our adventure to the waterfall but did not manage to finish the trail
Some unknown eggs in a pool of water
Definitely, we don't forget to pick up rubbish along the way back. But being frankly, the route is clean with just a little trash. It is nice to see such a clean environment. Our hiking ends up with a simple lunch.
Today is a good day with some muscle stretching, simple chitchatting and doing something good for the mother nature. 

Moving on for a better day!


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