Kanching Rainforest Waterfall

To be honest, I am not a waterfall lover because my mom have been telling me scary stories about waterfalls. For example-"Waterfall eats people!". Unfortunately, SuFang and Kin Luoi are very excited when they heard the word "WATERFALL" :-( They described that it is fun to be splashed by the icy water and enjoy the serene forest. They also suggested that we can eat beside the pool while soaking our feet into the water. It sounds interesting and I would like to have a try! Since we have missed Bukit Apek and Saga's waterfall, we went to another famous rainforest waterfall.

Kanching Rainforest Waterfall a.k.a Kanching Recreational Forest, is located in a forest reserve of nearly 500 hectars in the Rawang district just north of Kuala Lumpur. The forest park is a very popular spot for picnics, camping, swimming and jungle tracking, especially during weekends. Yes, I love the idea to have picnic besides the pool!

#1 Get excited even before entering the trekking trail
#2 Like a mini dam!
#3 Trekking trail to higher level of the waterfall
The Rainforest Waterfall is divided into several levels. Level 2 and 3 (102m and 120m respectively) are the most popular spots where people can swim in a clear fresh pools or have picnics. There are picnic gazebos, with changing rooms and toilet. However, we did challenged ourselves by hiking to the Level 4 where the trekking trail become slightly difficult. Once we reached Level 4, we noticed that there are many trashes especially around the pool. Hence, we started to clean the area within a short period of time.
#4 Yuck!!!

#5 After cleaning the place

#6 Tadaaa~~ "Collection" of the Day

After finished cleaning the areas, we went to level 3 of the waterfall to have our lunch. It is breezing and we did enjoy our food here.

#7 Level 3 of the waterfall
#8 Level 2 of the waterfall
#9 The water is crystal clear!
#10 Day dreaming while having picnic
#11 Here are some photos of the mother nature.
#12 Selfie time 
At the end of the day, it does changed my mindset about waterfall. In fact, I enjoy the trip especially when I am with my friends. However, I still think that we should alert when playing in the pool because accident do happen.


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