Panorama Hill, Sg. Lembing

This time I have followed Mean to her hometown- Kuantan, Pahang. During this trip, we have targeted two famous hills over there, which were Panorama Hill at Sungai Lembing, and Bukit Pelindung near Teluk Cempedak, Kuantan. 

Firstly, I would like to introduce this lovely place, Sungai Lembing. This was my third time here. Previously, I have known nothing about it, other than it was a tin mining town during British colonial era, mentioned in the History textbook of my junior high school years. It was not until I first set my legs on this beautiful land, I could hardly believe that there were so many hidden gems in this place. Rainbow waterfall, one of the renowned spots there, is a beautiful tall fall whereby the water disperses down like spray, and results in rainbows. This time I was not going to visit it, but I will show you the photos I have captured in year 2010 when I first visited there. 
Next, Panorama Hill, another famous spot there. The hill is famous for the breathtaking sunrise view over the sea of clouds. Trust me, you will never have a chance to see all these incredible views unless you are at Sungai Lembing, at least not in other places in Malaysia that I know of. Again, I have a mixture of old and new photos, since I was late this time, and not able to catch up the view of sea of clouds. We departed at 6am from Kuantan this time, and reached the hill top at 7.45am, after an hour hike.

The hill top was rather clean, I bet the people there really maintain it well and clean it regularly. Hence, not much we can do there, no rubbish to be picked at all. We relaxed ourselves on the top, while viewing the picturesque scenery.

Some old photos back in 2010 when I first visited there
The photos taken this time :) The sea of clouds started to fade, since it was a bit late when we reached the hill top. The ideal time for perfect view would be around 6.30am, and wait patiently for the sunrise

Selfie time again!
After that, we went to the waterfall nearby for a cool splash. 
This marked the ending of our Sungai Lembing trip for the day :)

p/s: I reminisced the first time when I hiked this hill, I really hated hiking that time since I was quite sedentary. I nearly gave up on the way up there, as I was embarrassed to have my friends waited me to take a rest. However, this time is different, I could hike up there without a hitch, thanks to all the training during this holiday! I am totally in love with hiking and getting close to the nature now.   


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