Setting Up a Library!

Before talking about the library project, let’s talk about Red Bubbles Organization. Red Bubbles is a non-profit organization established in 2011 by Mr Iskandar Syah Ismail a.k.a Dr Bubbles. He is a certified clown doctor and has been joining hospital clowning in many countries. Red Bubbles’ mission is to bring smiles and laughter to seriously ill children in hospitals and other healthcare settings through regular clowning visits. I never doubt about the power of humour and we share the same ideas with Red Bubbles. With numerous emails, calls and messages I send to Dr Bubbles, finally we get his reply and have a chance to sit down and talk with him.

Other than doing hospital clowning, Mr Iskandar also involves in library set up project. He invited us to volunteer in his recent library project in HUKM (Hospital UKM) which will be set in a children cancer ward. Without any hesitations, YES is our answer.

When we first stepped in the empty room, there had been a lot of furniture and books outside. Dr Bubbles introduced us his friend Mr Latfy who is an architect and also the library designer. Without wasting any time, we quickly offered our helps in assembling all the Ikea furniture. Mean is very skilful and knows well about all the instructions in furniture assembly. Meanwhile, there were two contractors doing wallpaper installation in the room. The theme of the library is underwater world which was designed by Mr Latfy. The wallpaper lives up the room and is very pleasing.

#1. Before library set up
The empty room before library set up
Su Fang and the materials for the library

#2. Furniture assembly
We were busy assembling the tables and stools, while the workers were setting up the book racks

Done with the tables and stools for kids :)
The book racks

#3. Underwater world's wallpaper installation
Stickers to live up the library!
After finished assembling all the furniture, we help to sort out and arrange the books. The variety of the books is wide and fascinating. There are comics, literatures, novels, fictions, magazines and educational teaching books. The hospital staffs and the nurses even come over and kept praising the huge change of the little small room. After the whole day work, the library almost finished being set up and just left a little works to finish on the coming Monday.

#4. Books arrangement

Arranging the books that were bought/ donated by the publishers
Arranging the furniture
Look what have we found! Dr Bubbles graphic books by Mr. Iskandar and Mr. Latfy!

#5. And finally... Ta-da...! Present to you the library! 

#6. Group photo (from left: Kin Luoi, Mr. Lafty, Mr. Iskandar, Mean, Su Fang)

It’s such a pleasure to help out in such a meaningful project. I really admire the passion of Dr Bubbles and his friend in accomplishing their dreams and passionately doing the things that contribute back to the society.

We are looking forward for more projects to join in Red Bubbles in the near future! 


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