Mercy Volunteer Induction Program

On Sept 13, we attended Mercy volunteer induction Program in Hospital UKM which is held 3 times per year. The purpose of the program is to let the interested people who want to join Mercy to be more understanding about the concept of being a volunteer, the code of conduct, and also Mercy Malaysia Organization.

There were many people from all walks of life who joined the induction program with varies purposes eg helping people, contribute back to society, because of friends and etc. 

Mercy Malaysia  was began in 1999 and the founder is Dr. Jemilah Mahmood who is an obsterician and gynecologist. Mercy Malaysia provides many volunteer training opportunities such as BSL training, relief mission training and emergency response unit trainings. 

In the program, we were taught about the preparation of pre-mission, mission and post mission. There are certain guidelines that we need to follow. We were also discussing about each code of conduct of being a volunteer. 

The whole session ended at 2pm. 

The program is a doorstep for us to join a humanitarian mission. We hope we can undergo the trainings and help out in the future. 


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